Interior Decorators usually charge for their services in one of three ways:

  • A percentage of the total project (usually 20%) is charged as the fee
  • An “up charge” is added to the cost of products purchased and charged as the fee
  • An hourly rate is charged for time spent on the project

At Embellished Interiors, we charge an hourly rate for our services.  We do this so that the focus is on the services which are needed to accomplish your decorating goals, and our fee is based upon the work we do, and the expertise we provide — not how much product you buy.  If we are able to obtain a discount on items purchased in a retail store, we will pass the discount directly on to you.  Often, we can save you between 10% and 25% percent on products because of our discounts.  This allows you to feel confident that our recommendations are based on what we truly believe is best for your space and nothing else.

Please contact us for specific information regarding fees.

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